Success Stories

These are examples of how some clients have moved out of their comfort zone to connect with their authentic Spirit. By offering these real-life case studies, you will become more familiar with the varied clients and the far-reaching benefits they have received from creating their Inspired Life. Note: Personal details have been changed to maintain confidentiality

Single professional wanted to lose weight and find lasting relationship.

This woman came to coaching feeling frustrated and angry with herself. She was a high achiever in her business where meeting goals and staying on track professionally was easy for her. Yet in her personal life in regards to her weight and her dating relationships she seemed to keep sabotaging her own success. 

Through some reflective questioning and the use of Source Technique and EFT we were able to determine that she had several powerful limiting beliefs that were at the core of her issues. She was able to identify “never enough” as a theme that kept her always striving to do more, and also left her exhausted mentally and physically. Consequently, her “inner rebel” reacted by overeating and sitting around playing mindless games on her phone, sabotaging her best efforts at healthy eating and exercising. 

Identifying these key issues along with others, using EFT and guided meditations to clear the blocks, and learning to make conscious choices, she was able to get out of her own way and begin to effortlessly reach her personal goals. She was also able to tweak her perception that relationships never work out happy and has begun to see working relationships all around her.


She has learned to be more compassionate and forgiving with herself and to trust herself more.

She has stopped believing the pigeon voices that tell her she isn’t enough and is now on her own side supporting herself more and finding that losing weight and creating lasting relationships can happen naturally.

Woman struggles to quit smoking after several failed attempts .

A young woman came to me interested in trying EFT and guided meditation for quitting smoking.

Although she was very aware of the negative health effects of smoking, she had tried several times to quit by using the patch and would fall back into the habit again. She had started smoking as a teenager as a way to fit in and reduce anxiety.

After discovering the root cause which was about reducing anxiety, we were able to “tap” away several specific events in her life. We also developed some more positive strategies for reducing anxiety, the most powerful being her learning to use EFT “in the moment” to effectively reduce her craving for cigarettes down to zero.

We also worked on her vision of what she really wanted her life to be like when she was smoke free.


She was able to successfully stop smoking and has remained so for over 8 years.

She also has a powerful tool for reducing anxiety in other situations.

Top Sales Executive in national company feels performance anxiety and stress.

This highly successful executive was the number one salesperson in the nation for a large corporation, but the more awards and recognition he received, the more pressure he put on himself to maintain that high level of success.

He began experiencing anxiety and stress, which was not only affecting his ability to enjoy his job, but it was starting to eat into his confidence level.

The job that used to be fun and challenging became stressful and uncomfortable. The award dinners that were meant to honor him became a dread to think about.


After just three sessions of EFT and some guided visualizations he was able to clear his anxiety and regain confidence in his abilities.

He now enjoys the challenge of work again, but is less attached to staying number one forever.

Retired Executive needed to redefine personal success.

A former high-powered female executive who was a Vice President for a fortune 500 company decided to start her own business after her retirement from the corporate world. She came to me feeling conflicted and frustrated with herself for not being more successful than she wanted to be in this new venture.

She wondered why she wasn’t more motivated and more productive faster in this new business, like she had always been in her corporate life.

Over a six-month period of working on her goals, values, and defining her most authentic life, we were able to help her identify that her conflict was not in her inability to build her own business, but in her need to redefine what happiness and success really meant to her.

She realized she no longer wanted to work the long hours it would take to build a new business and keep achieving success. Her Spirit longed to slow down, relax, and take the time to finally enjoy the fruits of her own labor.


She was able to redefine what success really meant to her and give herself permission to step into a new identity and fully enjoy her retirement.

She now volunteers in several charities and causes that are deeply meaningful to her yet give her the time to enjoy her life.

Partner in family-owned business wanted to follow her own passion and dream..

This woman had worked in the family business her entire career. Although she felt there was more to her life, she was not sure what that was.

Through a process of defining what gives her meaning and exploring her strengths and natural talents, she discovered working with young women was her real passion and that she wanted to pursue a career in counseling.

Over a one year period with the help of Coaching and EFT she was able to overcome the guilt she felt in leaving the family business, develop the courage to let her family know that she needed to pursue her own life, and build the confidence to return to school at mid life for a Master’s Degree in Counseling.


She now has her own counseling center with the goal of helping to empower other women.

She has also discovered a passion for writing and is working on an inspirational book of her own life experiences and plans to become a motivational speaker.

She wakes up motivated and excited each day feeling totally aligned with her true purpose.

Doctor learns to de-stress and finds Authentic Self in process.

A young doctor felt like she was unable to relax even during her time off. She was so used to the demands of medical school and her clinical work, that she felt like she was just going through the motions. Her friends and social life were all colleagues from school or work, and she felt a nagging dissatisfaction with life, along with the stress of never completely relaxing.

One of the first exercises we did was a guided visualization that helps clients connect with their Authentic Spirit.Through learning to actually sit and reflect, deep breath, meditate, and take the time to create a vision of what was important to her, and how she actually wanted to live her life, an amazing thing happened: She got in touch with a part of herself she named “bright star”.

This was the part of herself that felt calm, peaceful and totally connected to her values. In that process she came to re-evaluate her lifestyle and her friends and almost overnight began to get crystal clarity on changes she needed to make, simply by running things by “bright star” before she did them.


Very soon after our coaching sessions she moved to a new city, took a job in a hospital there, and met the man she eventually married.

Last time I talked to her she was still feeling aligned and continued to live in congruence with her Authentic Spirit, “bright star”.

Busy Entrepreneur who never has enough time.

An very successful businesswoman came to coaching, not to get organized, but to find a way to better control her extremely organized, ever growing “to do” list. This list was so long and overwhelming that she had a hard time letting go. The more organized she got, the busier she became. She was looking for a way to be “less busy”. After filling out the weekly worksheet with accomplishments a few times, she realized she was actually getting a lot done. 

This became a graphic view of how much she really accomplished and how unrealistic her expectations were. Her next assignment was to sit on her deck and do “nothing” for 15 minutes a day. The time was well spent. It broke the hard focus on squeezing more and more in. She noticed the birds and the trees.

Every so often, a new great idea would pop into her mind and she set it aside to consider later and returned to focusing on the scenery. The practice created a real sense of a time for everything and everything in its own time. We also examined what was really important, and framed things in a new perspective—especially her power to choose.


She still has a “to do” list, but now she gets satisfaction from accomplishing what she knows is important, and letting go of the rest. She is now able to control her “inner pigeon” that had kept her a slave to her list, and step outside that to expand her enjoyment of life.

In addition, slowing down and getting to know her Authentic Spirit better, revealed to her a calling for a career change, and she was able to define and pursue a new business which brought her more satisfaction and meaning in her life.

Professor at prestigious university who still struggled with self-confidence issues.

Conquering negative self-talk worked with a highly respected professor from a prestigious university who was widely published in many academic journals and had a long list of degrees, awards and accolades. She was well known and considered an expert in her field. The problem was she had a very outdated self-image that no longer served her in her present position.

She was constantly bombarded with the same self-talk in her head over and over saying, “You are a sham. Wait till they find out who you really are. You aren’t as smart as you think, you will never be enough, etc.”

Although she was able to keep this under control on the outside and no one even suspected her lack of self-confidence, it was making her miserable inside. She was not enjoying her success as much as she should have been, and felt anxious most of the time.


After just six sessions of working on this, using EFT tapping and coaching tools, she was able to realize the origin of her outdated self talk and consciously create alternative responses.

She was also able to see what was true about herself and accept better her expertise and hard earned success.

Once she re-aligned her inner image to match her outer reality she was able to actually enjoy herself within her profession from a place of authenticity and feel more comfortable in her own skin.