Reading List

Here are some favorite books that have influenced wendy the most on her journey over the last 20 years!

The Artist's Way

This book was one of the first books I read over 15 years ago when I first began my own journey into Self. It had a profound effect on me and helped me open up to my own creativity and self expression. I had never thought of myself as the least bit creative, but Julia Cameron introduced me to the idea of journaling as a tool of self reflection and insight, and it led to my discovery of a passion for writing. Journaling is still an intricate part of my process. 75 journals later, I can’t imagine life without this tool. She guides you through 12 weeks of exercises and questions that help you start to gain a better sense of Self, as well as coming to terms with your past and beginning to become more clear on how to discern what you really want from your life. This book will always remain a classic!

The Power of Now

It is hard to describe the impact this book and it’s philosophy have had on my life. I consider Eckhart Tolle an enlightened teacher who lives what he teaches. This book is about practical ways of learning to be fully present in the moment. Techniques to train your mind to let go of all the chatter and focus fully into the moment. It adds richness and depth to your life and helps you connect to your true essence and experience the timelessness of the NOW. No matter what your spiritual philosophy, this book can do nothing but enhance your experience of life. 

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

This book is an amazing step by step guide in how to systematically change your outdated beliefs and unconscious thought systems. He pulls from the latest brain research, genetics, and biology to explain why we have such a hard time changing our habitual thinking. Dr Dispenza gives exercises and powerful guided meditations to help you step by step to transform your thinking. I was excited to read the science behind many of the techniques I currently use with clients, to get a deeper understanding of exactly why these tools that used to be considered “on the fringe” are actually now backed up with the latest scientific findings.

The Tapping Solution

If you want a book that explains EFT Tapping and gives a lot of practical examples of ways to use this process, then this book by Nick Ortner is a good start. There are not that many good comprehensive books written on this self-help technique. Although I believe there is a limit to getting the most effective results using “scripts”, I do believe that you can gain great benefit and develop more confidence in using this tool in your everyday life situations. It’s worth reading if it gets you tapping.

The Secret of the Shadow

This book is for those who would really like to delve into their “gremlins” or the shadow side of your unconscious. It is about examining our own story–the beliefs, the experiences, and the spin we put on who we are in this life. She explains that through our experience of the world, most people have the same three core beleifs: I’m not good enough, I don’t matter, and there is something wrong with me. This book takes you through the steps of uncovering, processing, embracing and transforming your shadow side, so that you can uncover your true and authentic spirit.

The Hidden Messages in Water

What is so wonderful about this book if you have not seen it before, is the fact that it can expand your perspective about the world and how it works. Dr. Emoto is a renowned Japanese scientist who has discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. Looking at these beautiful photographs of crystalized water, you can’t help but be transformed by the idea that words like “love” and “beauty” create perfect and beautifully formed crystals. Likewise, words like “hate” and “sick” create malformed and ugly shapes. Knowing that human bodies are approximately 60% water and our brain alone is 73% water, gives you a new appreciation of the power of our words and the magic of how all things are connected.