Holistic Life Coaching

Wendy provides a Safe Space for working together where you can express who you are without judgment, begin to visualize your Inspired Life, and create a path to get there.

As your guide Wendy offers a nonjudgmental place of support and encouragement along with proven strategies and tools that will inspire change to happen. Imagine what it would be like to have someone who accepts you for who you are now, and also helps you remember the best part of you that maybe you’ve forgotten.

Someone who will stand with you and hold your vision, inspiring you to move towards your highest potential, your most Authentic Spirit.

What Does Your Inspired Life Look Like?

Your vision of your most Inspired Life is unique to you.

Wendy’s definition of an Inspired Life is that you are fully aligned with your Authentic Spirit.

You feel light, happy and free; feeling like your life has a purpose.

Your life flows without struggle and you spread joy to others. You are naturally motivated to serve others using your unique talents and gifts.

Life feels abundant and full of possibilities.

Benefits of Holistic Coaching

  • Learn to honor and trust yourself and your own guidance with less confusion.
  • Express your authentic self and reconnect with your passion and dreams
  • Stop procrastinating and begin to move forward
  • Understand yourself and your relationships better
  • Be more clearly aligned with your life purpose and meaning
  • Identify your strengths and talents and learn to focus them into your own unique contribution
  • Learn techniques to overcome fear and resistance, opening to your most creative self.
  • Live a life of more conscious choice
  • Live more in gratitude and joy through present awareness
  • Redefine priorities
  • Ongoing support, feedback and accountability

"Clearer connection to your Authentic Spirit means clearer choices in life that then reflect more ease, peace and abundance."

Dawson Church, PhD. The Science Behind EFT