Client Services

Along with unlimited emails between sessions, This section provides links and information for clients only

Coaching Session Client Update Form

This form is filled out by clients before each coaching session. There are five quick questions to answer which serve as an update to save us time, help you focus, and make sure you get the most from your session.

Client Meditation & Journaling Retreat Area

The purpose of this area is to give you a “Safe Space”– your own private, quiet, reflective retreat area where you can grab your journal to write, reflect, relax, and get centered. This space, although virtual, will strongly support creating a room, a corner, or perhaps a spot in your garden, or even a special time with your beach chair in the sand…most importantly…a routine for you to connect regularly with your own Center.

Relax, Renew, and Reconnect Meditation 

Reconnect to your Authentic Spirit in just 5 minutes!

Technique for Journaling with Your Authentic Spirit:

While you are still quiet and connected to your Center, you can tap into the wisdom of your Authentic Spirit.

  • Think about something you would like answers to or a problem bothering you.
  • Write down the issue in your own words, describing it as best you can. You can even rant about it here.
  • Now take a deep breath, connect with your Center, and ask your Authentic Spirit to give you the answer from their perspective.
  • Focus inward and listen.
  • Write down whatever comes to you without analyzing or thinking about it.
  • You will know if you have connected with your wiser self because that answer will feel peaceful, wise and comforting.

Revisiting Your Future Self - 10 Years

This is a follow up meditation for revisiting your Future Self. We originally did this meditation in person where you met your Future Self and found out what that person is called by. This meditation is a chance for you to reconnect to your Future Self any time you would like and to practice embodying this person, bringing more aspects of your Future Self into your daily life. I feel Future Self is another way to access your Authentic Spirit for the wisdom that is always available from this timeless realm where your Authentic Spirit waits to give you a higher perspective.

This meditation also begins with a version of a HeartMath exercise that teaches you how to breathe into your heart in order to create peace and well being, as well as connecting you to your inner wisdom.

Revisiting Your Future Self – 10 Years from Now

Experience Heart Wisdom and Reconnect to Future Self in just 14 minutes!