Are You Living Your Most Inspired Life?

You are open-minded, creative and self-aware; interested in new ideas and perspectives. You’ve done the self-development work and have a passion for making your unique contribution in the world. However, there are still things that keep popping up and interfering with your ability to feel peaceful, confident and productive. Are you ready to move forward now?

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Holistic Life Coaching

Wendy’s holistic approach includes a combination of body, mind & spirit techniques including personal and business coaching, EFT Tapping, guided mediations,  and visualizations.


EFT Tapping

Wendy has used EFT Tapping in her coaching practice for over 15 years to help clients overcome fears, eliminate mental and physical blocks, and reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety.


How I Can Help

My model for achieving what you want is based on love and self acceptance—when blocks are removed, you are naturally motivated and when truly inspired and passionate you are unstoppable.

What Clients Say

Inspired Life Blog

Holistic Coaching

What Is The Color Of Your Thoughts?

I was driving down a wide and beautiful palm-tree lined boulevard last week going a consistent 45 mph and hitting every signal green–sailing along smoothly towards my destination. It reminded me of the old saying, “If you wait for all the lights to be green before you begin your journey, you will never start.”

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Holistic Coaching

Positive Affirmations: 3 Reasons Why They Don’t Work

All your life you have been hearing about positive affirmations and the power of positive thinking. Maybe you have even posted phrases on your refrigerator or mirror that say, “I am super rich.” or “I attract only positive people into my life.” But then, when you look around your one bedroom apartment and realize

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