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What does it cost?
I wonder what it costs?

If you are like most people, you like to know what something costs before you consider purchasing it. Many people hesitate to reach out for help because they worry it isn’t affordable and they might feel awkward or uncomfortable.


You deserve a happy life!


Wendy’s goal is to make these high-quality healing tools more accessible and affordable so that more people can have access to them. The benefits far outweigh the costs! It is important to ask yourself if you are willing to invest in your own success, your own peace, and your own well-being. You are totally worth it!

Her years of experience have also taught her that most of the time (but not always!) people require more than one session to realize the changes they are looking for, therefore she has created flexible packages to help ease the financial investment while encouraging follow through so you get the results you are seeking.


All coaching with Wendy includes full access to her Clients Only Benefits including:

  • Unlimited emails between sessions.
  • Client Coaching worksheet.
  • Safe Space Relaxation meditation.
  • Client Journaling Tool.

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Recommended: Ongoing Coaching


How Committed Are You
Commit to yourself!

People working on long-term change usually do best with regular ongoing coaching appointments at least twice a month for a minimum of three months.

Ongoing coaching (recommended two or more sessions per month) are $95 per session and can be paid for here or done by Wendy on a per session basis once a schedule is set up.



In person, by Skype, by Phone.

One Session payment:         $95

Two Sessions per month:    $190
Three Sessions per month:  $285


  1. Establishing a Coaching and/or EFT process that is integrated with your bigger picture and life goals.

  2. Business and Career or Transition  Coaching as well as other things requiring consistent accountability and support.

  3. Many issues that need to be worked on together: ie: weight loss, self-esteem, business building, etc.

  4. Someone who wants to use several modalities together: ie: coaching, EFT, visualization and hypnosis combinations to work towards your Inspired Life.

  5. Someone wanting long term, sustainable life changes.

Inspired Health 

Shorter and Maintenance Packages

These packages are designed for coaching on one specific issue. Perhaps you want to try a few EFT sessions, or you have one specific thing you want to work on that requires only a few sessions. Or you have been doing longer sessions and now feel you only need “maintenance” sessions for staying on track. The packages must be purchased in full and can be used anytime. These sessions run $60 per session.



By Skype or Phone usually. May or may not be available in person as introductory session–special request.

One Session                           $  60

Two Sessions Package          $ 120
Three Sessions Package          $ 180


  1. An introductory session to try out coaching or EFT.

  2. A maintenance program for staying motivated, accountable, or connected to the process.

  3. Resolution on a quick issue that you feel stuck on.

  4. Check in process for previous clients on goals or bigger vision, resurfacing of an old issue, or new changes. Perhaps a New Year review.

  5. Because of the laser-like nature of coaching and EFT, many clients feel a half hour twice a month is plenty of time to accomplish their coaching or EFT goals and stay connected to their desired process.

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Wendy is happy to schedule a phone conversation to discuss your personal situation and how she might help, as well as recommend the best package for you. You may contact her at 559-212-4721 or send her a note here.

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