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Coaching enables you to clarify where you are now, where you want to get to, and the practical action you need to take to get there.¬†These Transformational Sessions can be done from anywhere and there is a coaching program to fit any budget. There are different styles of individualized Transformational Coaching to choose from Telephone or Skype, and in person at Wendy’s office in Fresno, CA. All of Wendy’s clients receive unlimited email coaching between sessions at no cost!

Unlimited Email Coaching

Online CoachingThrough email, you may ask questions and communicate with your coach between sessions. You can share questions, insights, and updates with Wendy. She will prompt you with additional questions and suggestions which will give you insight and further impetus to move forward. You will also have access to the online Safe Space Virtual Retreat room with a short centering meditation and place to journal and reflect.


Telephone & Skype Coaching

telephone coachingTelephone & Skype coaching gives you one-on-one access to regularly scheduled phone sessions with your coach in addition to the online coaching mentioned above. This personalized service will also give you access to more of the modalities used in the Your Inspired Life system including customized Source Technique and EFT sessions as well as personalized hypnotherapy sessions and guided visualizations as needed.

In-Person Coaching

Wendy has an office in Fresno, CA. These appointments must be arranged in advance by contacting Wendy.

Customized Coaching Packages

You can also create your own customized packages of Telephone Coaching, Skype Coaching or in person.

Exclusive Client Benefits

No matter what type of Transformational Coaching program you choose, you will have full access to all Client Services. This includes your own personal Safe Space Virtual Retreat Room in which to record your thoughts and insights, This space is unique and special as it is set up as your own personal retreat room that is secure (password protected) and creates for you a relaxing, private environment in which to expand and reconnect with your Authentic Spirit. It includes a short meditation that will center and reconnect you with your Authentic Self each time you visit! A unique and affordable coaching experience!

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