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For another video demonstration of Tapping Points you can use in public see the blog: Shh: Secret Tapping Points.
Tapping using Emotional Freedom TechniqueEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful an easy to learn technique based on the same concept as Acupuncture, except instead of using needles, you just tap on certain meridian spots on the body.  This process of freeing our emotional blocks is being used by many practitioners and individuals alike to reduce and eliminate many physical and emotional symptoms, as well as improve their well being.

“EFT allows us to literally create cognitive shifts, which exist observably as new neural pathways in the brain.” Dawson Church, PhD. The Science Behind EFT

Our negative emotions can get “stuck” in the body and block the energy flow, thus creating many of the symptoms that people experience–from anxiety and fear to headaches and pain.  This technique of “tapping” on the meridians while describing the emotional event, can have profound results.  In the 30+ years it has been in use, backed up by much evidence-based research, it has been known to improve significantly these and other symptoms:

  • Stress
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Phobias
  • Headaches
  • Emotional Traumas
  • Chronic Pain
  • Performance in sports, speaking, business
  • Confidence
  • Weight Loss
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Improve Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Negative self talk and limited beliefs
  • Many more…

“EFT offers great healing benefits” – Deepak Chopra, MD, Author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind


Wendy’s unique Inspired Life system with EFT

Wendy believes that you will not be able to express your Authentic Self and live an Inspired Life until you can clear out negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Although many tapping programs using generic phrases and scripts to tap on issues can be effective to some extent, they are less likely to create permanent and profound lasting change.  Wendy’s system of sourcing out your specific issues and root causes and then using your own descriptions, wording and beliefs in the process of tapping has much more profound effects.  This is because it is important that you resonate with the phrases and they are adjusted to fit your own unique belief level at this moment.

For example, you may have anxiety about social situations. Just tapping on “Getting rid of this anxiety.” or “I choose to be calm.” will have limited effect. However, if through sourcing we discover the emotional roots and specific events of the anxiety, such as, “I remember the party in 6th grade where everyone teased me and I felt like an outcast.”  it will have a much more profound effect.

As we work through these specific events, and tap away the emotional impact, you can then remember these experiences without the pain or emotion attached to them that stood in your way.  We can develop positive tapping phrases using your own descriptions which begin to create new positive pathways in the brain that are unique to your situation.

To read some specific examples of people Wendy has worked with see Stories of Transformation

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