Shhhh! Secret Tapping Points

EFT tapping points
Simple and effective points that you can use to tap ANYWHERE!

Have you started using EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique) yet? OK, let’s say you have gotten over the fact that tapping looks “silly” and discovered the wonderful array of benefits you can receive by using tapping on everyday things.  Now the problem is, you are sitting at the dentist’s office about ready to have a filling, feeling a bit nervous about the drill, and you really want to tap on the anxiousness because you know it will work!  What do you do? Do you run into the restroom? Do you pretend you left something in the car and run outside to tap?



 Tapping Is for Everyday Situations!


I am a firm believer in using tapping in everyday situations. In fact, I had a client just last week text me that she was in the very same dentist chair described above waiting for oral surgery and using tapping to reduce her nervousness.  Then she texted me after it was over—relieved and happy and told me how much it helped calm her!

Now You Can Tap Anywhere!

Therefore, I felt a need to let everyone in on the Secret Tapping Points! There are many energy meridian points on the body that can be used effectively for tapping. I have created a very short demonstration video on my website that shows you simple and effective points that you can use to tap ANYWHERE! In the Doctor’s office, at work, in the classroom, even driving (be sure to use caution and always keep one hand on the wheel!).  These are points that are part of the original protocol developed by Gary Craig and are very effective in reducing stress, anger, nervousness, etc. in the moment without feeling like others are looking at you.

I’d love to have you post some examples of situations where these points work well for you!


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