Purpose: The Completeness of Incomplete

These are the “things” remembered: the things that aren’t “things” at all.  The “unsubstantial” is in reality ALL that ever lasts.

Purpose: the Completeness of Incomplete
Letting go of “things” in your life-what is left of You?

Sometimes my life feels like a long series of uncompleted thoughts and projects.  For instance, I love keeping journals but in many ways they just add to that feeling.  But I’m coming to realize that this is perfectly OK.  Life is a process and not an end product. In the end, there isn’t necessarily anything concrete left to show for it. We all run around accumulating more and more things that will eventually be gone: sold, given away, or turned to dust.  It all just passes through, here and gone.  It reminds me of a poem I wrote while gazing at an old cemetery one day:


Faded Moss on Cracked Stone

Faded Moss on cracked stone

Markers of remembrance of a century ago.

Silence interrupted by the modern jets drone

A rift in time that contrasts the present with the past.

So little left to know about

Those people of the past.

Thoughts of dreams and passions

Not substantial enough to last.

Trees blowing gently to the breeze

Is all that defines them now.

Their spirits whispering softly

Please remember me somehow.

Our True Purpose

So truly, our Purpose, what matters is the quality of the life we are living now.  It’s not so much if I get all my projects done, if I cross one thing off my list, ten things, or none at all.  It is mostly about the impact I’m having daily, right this minute, the relationships I build, and the people I care about. This is my real Purpose.

Meditate on:

Think about the importance of all the “things” in your life.  Think about your goals, your priorities and your attachment to acquiring, accomplishing and attaining things.  Now think about your anxiety over not completing everything, not having things you want, or things not turning out as you think they should.  Now imagine letting go of these “things”.  Just allowing them to not happen.  What is left of you?  Who are you without them? This is where your true essence’ your true purpose lies.  When you can be OK and at peace with that idea, then you know your ego, your identity is not entwined in the process.  Then you can truly pursue your purpose and passions and from a place of joy—from your Bluebird Perspective!

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