Embracing the Now Moment Meditations (MP3 Audio Download)

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In these two Healing Guided Meditations Wendy takes you on a journey into the Now Moment helping you Reduce Stress and gain more peace, focus and presence of mind. Satisfaction is guaranteed or you money back!



The Practice of Creating Intentional Success – Embracing the Now Moment – Audio Download

Meditations for Success by Wendy Mackowski

You’ll instantly receive access to two audio meditations – over 20 minutes.

Mini Now Moment – Refocusing on Presence
(6:01 minutes)
In this five minute Stress Buster Wendy guides you on a short but powerful 5-minute meditation to help you relieve stress and learn to breath more deeply and gain focus. This was created for you to use throughout the day – as a 5 minute break- to help you create a strategy for refocusing and relieving stress even when you don’t have any time.

Embracing the Now Moment – Healing & Stress Reduction
(17:08 minutes)
This begins with a guided imagery to help you create more peace and healing within your body, emotions, and feelings. Wendy guides you through a vision of the six areas of being able to better embrace the Moment: Presence, Acceptance, Safety, Calm, Gratitude, and Peace. As you use this CD regularly, you learn to gently center your mind and bring it back to the present moment, creating more safely, ease, and focus.

Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! If you have any questions, contact Wendy or call her at 559.212.4721.