Procrastination: There is always a reason!

What is really motivating you?

Spring is here! The air is full of a sense of clearing out the old and making room for new beginnings, new projects, and spring cleaning! But do you ever feel like you’ve lost your motivation and you can’t quite get it back? Do you ever feel stuck and find yourself procrastinating on things that you really want to do?


You are NEVER Unmotivated


We as humans are naturally motivated. You are never really “unmotivated”. The question is not are you motivated as much as what is motivating you.  Is it inspired motivation or uninspired motivation? We are many times motivated by fear, guilt uncertainty and obligation. These uninspired motivations will lead to procrastination and self-sabotage.

If we aren’t doing what we intend to do, there is some kind of reason. So instead of beating yourself up with guilt and negative self talk, use this as an opportunity to explore what might be causing your procrastination or avoidance.


Four Questions to Unlock your Procrastination


When you loose your enthusiasm for a project that you thought you were excited and motivated about, you need to ask yourself a few questions:


1.  Is there confusion, fear or hesitation about how to proceed?


Take a look at what you have to do and determine if you know the steps necessary to get it done. For instance, sometimes I find myself putting off the “next step” on a project because I’m really not sure what to do next, or perhaps it means talking to someone I don’t want to talk to, or writing a letter where I’m unclear about what to say, or even worried that I am about to create conflict or get a rejection. There are a million reasons why we might hesitate, but taking the time to really consciously investigate the reason, will help you identify the cause so you can then decide what you want to do about it.


2.  What do I picture as the end result?


This is another reason we avoid, procrastinate, struggle, or feel unmotivated. When we really look at the thoughts or self talk in our head, only a fool would keep moving forward.  It is important to see what vision we are creating. Our beliefs shape our pictures, and unless we pay close attention, we may not even notice we are doing it. After all, we have been doing it all our lives.


3.  Is this task, project, intention or goal based around guilt or obligation instead of what I truly want?


Sometimes we don’t follow through because we are rebelling against that part of us that commits to things we really don’t want to do. Maybe you intend to clean out the garage on Sunday, but then a week goes by and you keep moving it out on the calendar, never getting to it. Perhaps you think you “should” want to do it. Perhaps you feel guilty because the neighbor’s garage is so neat, but the truth is, it really isn’t a priority for you. It may even remind you of all the “shoulds” past that your parents made you do, and that little child is rebelling finally!


4.  Is there something I might be afraid of?


Our egos naturally try to protect us from perceived negative results we imagine by setting up blocks to our actually doing anything.  Example: you have a fear of failure based on a past experience or belief. Every time you job search you picture it not working out well. So naturally you feel discouraged and you put off looking even more. You may even self-sabotage the experience by breaking your leg so you can’t work. These are subconscious ways our ego tries to protect us from more negative experiences–these are examples of uninspired motivation based on a negative belief.


Create Inspired Motivation


There is always a reason for procrastination, feeling stuck, and un-motivated. Once you can find it and clear the negative you can begin to change the picture from uninspired motivation to inspired motivation. For help with this you might want to check out EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as one option. It is a powerful self-help tool for eliminating fears, overwhelm, and limited beliefs that keep you stuck!  From this new place procrastination is transformed to excitement and you will naturally feel motivation to keep you moving forward!




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