What If LOVE Were Our Default Button?

Love Button
How often do we choose being right over projecting love?

Since February is National Love Month (at least I call it that, in the same way that December is Peace Month and November is Gratitude Month), I had this crazy “what if” thought:

“What if we automatically defaulted to a Love response in any situation?”

Clearly, right now as humans Love is definitely not our first reaction to things. Just take a look at five minutes of the nightly news if you want confirmation of this fact.

A Radical Idea?

Most of us are all for Love as a concept or a spiritual ideal, or as a special feeling reserved for special people or occasions. But as our default button–that is pretty radical.

Here are some examples of just how radical this idea can be:

  1. Your are driving down the street minding your own business, maybe even thinking some good positive thoughts, when boom, someone starts tailgating you. They then pull out around you, flip you off, and cut right in front of you.
  2. You are looking at your latest charge bill and notice a charge for a subscription you canceled. After you wait through twenty minutes of an automated tape loop and push button after button, you are connected to a very rude customer service person that tells you there is no record of your canceling.
  3. Your mother, who is of a different political persuasion than you, calls and begins to rant about your favorite political cause, enraging all your hot buttons and your need to be right.

The thought still persists…

Phew, that was a tough day! Life can be so unfair! Only the Dali lama could have Love as a default button in those situations. But still…the thought persists…What if we REALLY did make Love our default button?

Close your eyes and imagine for a minute these three scenarios (or one of your own real-life dramas) and pose this question to yourself, this simple “What If”. How might it change your perspective? How might you see the situation differently? How might you respond differently? In what ways might this create more peace in your day and in the world?

What we project is reflected back to us. How often do we choose ” being right” over projecting Love? An interesting and radical challenge for celebrating Love Month! I invite you to share how you have made this challenge work for you!

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