Inspired Life Quiz

How inspired do you feel every day of your life right now?


Instructions:  On a blank piece of paper, answer the following questions with the numbers 1 through 5 using the scale below:

Quiz Scale

  1.  Do you feel connected to and able to trust your inner guidance?
  2.  Are you aware of your core purpose (the activities that best use your natural talents, that awaken your true nature, and allow your heart to sing)?
  3.  Do you feel you are living aligned with your purpose?
  4.  Are you able to fully appreciate your life just as it is right now?
  5.  Are you able to face the unknown with confidence and a sense of excitement?
  6.  Does your current life reflect who you really are, your best self?
  7.  Do you use your gifts and express your creativity regularly in ways that bring joy to yourself and others?
  8.  Do you wake up inspired, motivated, excited and focused?
  9.  Do you have people in your life you love and appreciate and who love and appreciate you?
  10.  Do you feel compassion for others and have a giving spirit?
  11.  Do you make healthy and positive choices in regards to relationships, food, work and home environments?
  12.  Do you honor yourself by taking time for fun, relaxation, exercise, and spiritual renewal?
  13.  Are you confident and clear in who you are, what you want, and how to get it?
  14.  Do you live by and take responsibility for your own personal definition of success and no one else’s?
  15.  Do you forgive yourself and others when you or they make a mistake?
  16.  Do you enjoy spending time with yourself?
  17.  How empowered  do you feel with the choices in your life about how you live/lifestyle?
  18.  How empowered  do you feel with the choices in your life about who you spend time with?
  19.  How empowered  do you feel with the choices in your life about what you do each day with your time?
  20.  How empowered  do you feel about expressing yourself?

There is a total score possible of 100.  If you scored above 90 CONGRATULATIONS you are living an inspired life!

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