Inner North Glossary

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Below is a collection of terms used throughout this website and the definitions according to Wendy on how they are being used.


Authentic Spirit (Bluebirds)

Being connected to your inner wisdom, knowing what’s most important to you, and fully living your life attuned to and aligned with your highest values, and purpose. Returning to a natural state of joy where you live in ease, flow and trust.  Being aware of the part of you that is connected to Source–a perspective of oneness and Love.

Bluebird Mind

The higher, spiritual perspective on things.  Seeing from the perspective of Love, and being conscious of and rising above our Pigeon perspectives.

Bluebirds’ Song

Our Spirit’s call which is a beautiful song of Unconditional Love, reminding all Pigeons of their true nature.

Conscious Gratitude

Really noticing what you are grateful for in your life at this moment. Spending time feeling true appreciation daily.

Creatively Respond

When trust in our Spirit, our creativity and intuition come together to respond to previously unknown challenges, problems, and situations in completely new ways.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A simple yet powerful tool for clearing emotional blocks that involves tapping with your fingers on meridian points on the body while describing the issue.  It has been used to reduce or eliminate a wide variety of symptoms both emotional and physical, including headaches, insomnia, chronic pain, as ell as negative thinking, emotional blocks, fears and phobias.


The concrete results or manifestations of an intention.

Guided Meditations/Hypnotherapy

Both of these techniques are ways to deeply relax, as in meditation, bypassing your ego or conscious mind and accessing your subconscious where change is faster and more powerful.  Where guided meditations are more free-flowing, hypnotherapy is more directed and gives positive suggestions and affirmations.

Inner North

Finding your own True North by way of connecting with your authentic self.

Inner Stress

Intangible internal demands and pressures we create within ourselves. Example: Fear, anxiety, and negative fantasies we make up.

Inner Success

Finding Inner Success is defining and creating for yourself what will bring you the most satisfaction and contentment in your life. It means your outer life and your inner life are a reflection of your own unique Spirit.

Inner Vacation

Living a life where the NORM is fun and ease. Techniques for being able to go inside and create a sense of peace, relaxation and fun and to carry that back out to your everyday life.

Inner Wisdom (or Inner Core)

A place of inner knowing and clarity. Trusting the place of strength and power within that knows what is best for you and your life.


Focused energy on a certain outcome or belief.

Labyrinth Walk

A labyrinth has one well-defined path that leads us into the center and back out again. A labyrinth is NOT a maze. The labyrinth does not engage our thinking minds. It invites our intuitive, pattern-seeking, symbolic mind to come forth. It is walking/moving meditation. The labyrinth is a tool to guide healing, deepen self-knowledge and empower creativity. Walking the labyrinth urges action. It calms people in the throes of life transitions. It helps them see their lives in the context of a path, a pilgrimage. (excerpted from “Walking The Sacred Path” by Dr. Lauren Artress)

Lucid Living

Lucid Living is the process of bringing appreciation and gratitude directly into this current reality of the Now moments of life.  Instead of Lucid Dreaming, where you realize you are dreaming while in the dream, here you realize the perfection you are in the midst of living right in of middle of living it.

Outer Stress

Tangible external demands and pressures.

Peak Experience

The peak experience isa moment in time where we are lifted out of our own little world of ego and connect into a universal vision of the oneness of all things. It is a moment of pure inspiration and it’s power to transform us into more creative beings. People experience this feeling of inspiration in varying degrees at different times in their lives. It can happen suddenly while being in nature, or listening to music, or being involved in a creative project. Most of the time inspiration is temporary and fades when that event or piece of music is over.  But sometimes these events leave permanent changes on our psyche. Sometimes people come away feeling like they have completely changed.  They are brand new people with a new perspective, a new paradigm from which to view life.  When the circumstances are just right, these events can produce life-changing phenomenon known as transformational or spiritual experiences where people’s lives are altered profoundly and permanently.

Pigeon Fears

Personifications of our negative self-talk and inner critic. All the fear and guilt collectively held by all and manifested into beliefs about conforming, safety, status quo, and worst-case scenarios.


Activities that best use your natural talents, that awaken your true nature, and allow your heart to sing.

Safe Space

Your Safe Space is a place either in your mind or in your life where you can go to connect with your Authentic Spirit, to express yourself fully and feel completely safe. This is a very powerful piece of the transformational process.  In order to take risks, move out of your comfort zones, or be a little bit different than the status quo, you need to feel safe, supported and encouraged. This Safe Space will give you an opportunity to define new roles for yourself and test them out, and explore your Authentic Spirt as you gain more trust in yourself and your own guidance as you travel your own unique journey of personal transformation.

Someday Syndrome

Unconscious procrastinating by always waiting for the perfect time in the future to start something, finish something, or try something new.

Source Technique

A technique developed by Robin Duncan of the Miracle Center of California for quickly and powerfully getting to the core of an issue so it can be cleared.


Creating physical and psychological space around what you are doing.

Spiral Effect

All of the repeating patterns and themes in our relationships, careers, and personal experiences, move through our lives over and over again in different circumstances and with different people.

Success Circles

Small yet powerful groups of people who come together with a common focus for a four or six week commitment to themselves and others to learn, share, support each other, and grow in their business, work and personal life.

Transformational Coaching

A unique relationship in which you collaborate with your coach to help you define values, clarify a vision of what you want your life to look like, and create and sustain life-changing results that move you closer to more fulfillment and balance in your life. As your guide to Self-Transformation Wendy offers a Safe Space, a non-judgmental place of support and encouragement along with proven strategies and tools that will inspire change to happen. Imagine what it would be like to have someone who accepts you as who you are now, and also helps you remember the best part of you that maybe you’ve forgotten. Someone who will stand with you and hold your vision inspiring you to move towards your highest potential, your most Authentic Spirit.


Those things most important to you that drive your priorities, decisions and choices on a daily basis.


Creating a mental picture of the desired outcome of intentions. Imagining what you would like to create.


Your Inspired Life System

A unique integrative system created by Wendy Mackowski which combines different healing modalities and tools including Transformational Coaching, EFT, Self-Hypnosis, Guided Visualization, and breath work to help people move past old patterns and limited beliefs helping them create sustained positive change and to live their most authentic and inspired life.