Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

“Journaling is my quick moment out of time.  It seems a part of me must stay narrator in order to keep a higher perspective.  In order to realize it’s all just a story.  And a story I get to tell in whatever fashion I like.”

journaling practice
My morning journaling practice is the gateway to my own voice, my own Authentic Spirit.

I love the quiet of the early morning before my brain does any connecting to the outside world or has time to get pulled away by ego-driven distractions of a thousand different types—from family, to world problems, to mundane tasks, to large and lofty goals—all in the guise of important and immediate. I’m realizing the 20 plus year discipline of journaling has been my spiritual practice in so many ways. Has opened me up to the world of my own creative mind, my hopes and dreams.  It has helped me form and clarify my opinions, philosophies, beliefs and fears.  My morning practice is the gateway to my own voice, my own Authentic Spirit.


Your journaling practice needs no other goal than your connection to  Self


My Authentic Spirit and I have built a relationship right there on those very pages and what’s wonderful is, that is enough.  Journals need no other purpose or goal; they are complete and whole as is.  So I honor now this process I have held sacred for so many years.  I guess I’ve known this, but never really HONORED it in it’s own right.  The journal has become for me a place where my most creative ideas are born.

Over the years part of me felt frustrated that my writing was locked  inside those pages not seeing the light of day.  I saw my journal as an expression of my Authentic Spirit, and if I didn’t set all the writing free, then maybe it had been a waste. But I have come to  forgive that thinking as error.  I see clearly how this relationship is a great honor even if no one else knows.  It’s wholeness I honor and am very grateful for.

I look forward to continuing to nurture this form of relationship with my Authentic Spirit.  And something about consciously recognizing this seems to create a shift in me.  It’s a shift to more peace.  It’s a shift to more allowing.  Knowing my journals are OK and complete just as they are takes away the anxiety and stress that if they aren’t shared then my life and purpose wont be complete.  Realizing this too is a huge error seems to somehow give me more permission to share, or not; more permission to keep developing this sacred and wonderful tool.


Touching the Quiet Sacred


I am so grateful for my journals, for the mornings, the quiet, for the thoughts that run rampant in my head, and for the tools to communicate them.  I am so grateful for the place to come and meet with my Authentic Spirit, and to touch, if ever so briefly, moments of the Quiet Sacred, far beyond my everyday existence. To learn more about writing morning pages you could begin where I did, with a classic book by Julia Cameron called, The Artist’s Way.  Enjoy!

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