Journaling Safe Space

Welcome to the Journaling “Safe Space” – Your Own Retreat Room

safe spaceYour own Safe Space for recording insights, progress, and regular dialogue with your Authentic Spirit. The intention of this area is to give you a “Safe Space”, your own private quiet, reflective retreat area to write, reflect, relax and get centered. This space, although virtual, will strongly support creating a room, a corner, or perhaps a spot in your garden, or a special time with your beach chair in the sand…most importantly…a routine for you to connect regularly with your own Center. This journal area is designed to develop that space and to nurture and renew your Spirit.

Here you will find the Safe Space Relaxation Meditation always available to bring you back to Center in just 5 minutes.


Authentic Spirit

Come here to deep breathe, to connect with your Authentic Spirit, to journal your journey and to reflect on insights. This area enables you to clarify where you are now, where you want to get to, and the practical action you need to take to get there. You may also use this journal as a central place for answering homework or journal exercises. Click the button and your entries will be emailed to you for future reference. You always have the option of sending a copy to Wendy or just to yourself. On some occasions, you may just need to vent with no record of it for yourself or Wendy! If it is not emailed, it will disappear with no record.

Think of Wendy as your confidante, someone who won’t judge you, but who will encourage and support you on the journey to getting there.

Journal Exercise

You can use this space to help facilitate your journaling. When done, you can click the "Send to Yourself" button, and your journal entry will be sent to your email address. Please note that once sent, the responses on this page will default back to blank.

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Let's Begin

Reflect on where you are right now in your life. Write about whatever comes to you. Perhaps you want to just allow anything to flow out.

Now take a deep breath and connect to your Authentic Spirit. Perhaps you can write from the wisdom of what your Authentic Spirit might say about this situation.

Check if you would like to send a copy to your coach, Wendy.

Remember, once sent, the responses on this page will default back to blank.