Inspiration: Allowing for Magic

“Sweet inspiration, so illusive as it slips in and out like sleep; remembered then forgotten as last night’s dream; only leaving feather light footprints in my soul.”


The only route is through the soul.

Inspiration is like the flicker of a candle, the rush of a waterfall, a huge gust of wind.  It comes and lifts us with its power to overtake us and then it seems to disappear as mysteriously as it came.  It’s definitely a gift–completely beyond our control–up to the whim of Spirit to grace us with its beautiful presence of deep-felt truths poured out in expression.


We cannot master it, so we must remain open and allow it; inviting it to freely come and go.  In that way it helps us honor the gift and be grateful in every simple grace we receive.  For if we take our inspiration for granted, for even a second, or if ego forgets and raises its ugly head in question, it will quietly leave and we will not be able to retrieve it.  Only the joy of an open heart and the gratitude for its freedom will persuade it to return again.


 The Magic of Inspiration

There is a lightness and magic to a day where inspiration is the only goal. Inspiration is the pathway to the creative process.  The creative process is the purest expression of the divine.  The only route is through the soul.  When we are inspired at a soul level that is when spiritual experiences are possible.  We are “lifted” to a higher place that speaks directly through our heart and soul to reveal to us our own creative self.  Ask most creative individuals and they will tell you they each have had sources of inspiration—people, places, events, music, that deeply touched them and inspired them to pursue their own creative abilities.  It’s a matter of being “tuned into” the higher realms where all creativity originates.


How Might Inspiration Change Your Life?

It can open up dreams long forgotten, plans, long abandoned, a desire to follow your heart in ways you’ve scarcely imagined.  It is impossible to be inspired and feel depressed at the same time.  It is impossible to be inspired and feel unmotivated.  It is impossible to be inspired and not feel a sense of purpose.  Just think if we could all be inspired a little bit everyday how the world would be changed.


Meditate on:  If you were inspired every day…How would your job be different?  How would your health be different?  How would your creativity be expressed differently?  What inspires you?

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