3 Top Reasons We Resist Self-Acceptance

Be inspired!  Except when you’re discouraged.

Be happy!      Except when you are sad.

Be calm!        Except when you are anxious.


Self-Acceptance with EFT
Self-Acceptance: Accept your exceptions to fully thrive.

Acceptance is the first step in returning to your natural state of being. You must accept your exception to fully thrive. If we know this is true, then why do we have such a hard time fully accepting where we are in the moment? We tend to resist fully experiencing what we are actually feeling so we are able to move out of it quicker.  There is an old saying that says, “Whatever we resist persists”. If we know this, then why do we continue to dance around our feelings?


3 Reasons We Resist Self-Acceptance:


Reason 1:

FEAR–The first reason is an unfounded fear that if we REALLY acknowledge our negative feelings, then we will be stuck in them forever, never to return to the positive. If we acknowledge we are feeling depressed, then we fear we may stay depressed and never feel good again.


Misconception: The best way to move through an emotion is to fully allow it. It is there anyway, eating away under the surface and as we work to resist feeling something, it just sticks around waiting to get acknowledged.  Opening up to your emotions, accepting and acknowledging them, and “being” with them will help you move faster back into your more natural state of being. *


Reason 2: 

SHAME or GUILT—Another reason is the belief  that we aren’t supposed to feel unhappy. If we believe that we create our own reality, this sometimes carries the added burden that if we feel negative at ANY time, then we are just asking for a negative future. We fear that concentrating on a negative feeling will magnify it and then we will get even more negativity in our lives.


Misconception: It may be true that how we think and feel shapes our world, but we are all human and we live in a world of polarity—up and down.  No one can feel positive and happy all the time. (OK almost no one—some enlightened folks might!). The point is, when the feelings are there they are influencing your energy, your perception and your intentions anyway. Acknowledging them and clearing them will get you back on track where you need to be. But unless you acknowledge them you can’t clear them.


Reason 3:

DENIAL—Obviously, negative feelings can be pretty unpleasant! Who wants to fully experience sadness or discouragement or painful feelings? No one! So it is much easier to avoid them than to acknowledge them.


Misconception: As with the point above, those painful and unpleasant emotions are sometimes even more painful when they are denied than when they are expressed. It takes a lot more energy to live in denial. Eventually, it will manifest itself through unhealthy means such as chronic stress, self sabotage, disease (DIS-EASE), addictions, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

EFT and Self-Acceptance

As an EFT practitioner, I work with people to acknowledge and move through their negative emotions. The magic about EFT is that it addresses all of the above issues so beautifully and without as much painful emotion.  “Tapping” in acceptance and forgiveness is a beautiful way to fully begin to experience self-acceptance and then in turn full acceptance of others.  It can help clear out old patterns, beliefs, and negativity and allow you to return to your natural state of well-being—connected to your Authentic Spirit.  And then, when humanness shows it’s face again, you will have a tool to more quickly move though your “exception” and back into enjoying your life.


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*Always consult a medical professional for help if you have a more serious medical or psychological condition.

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