Finding Your Inner North



Finding Inner NorthWith every choice we make we either move closer to alignment with our Inner North or further away towards stress, fear, or discontent.  We know by how we feel.

Symptoms of Being Out of Alignment with Your Authentic Spirit:

Symptoms of Disconnct

  • Fatigue or lack of Passion
  • Pessimistic or Negative Self Talk
  • Confused or Stuck about what to do
  • Lack of Meaning
  • Fear or Anxiety about the Future
  • Stressed and Depleted, Overwhelmed
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Struggle
  • Depends on others for approval
  • Distracted or unfocused
  • Unhealthy lifestyle–overweight, smoke, drink too much, lack of exercise
  • No vision for the future
  • Lack of integrity – feeling like a fake
  • Waiting for happiness to come sometime later
  • Obsessed with the Past or the Future

The Energy of Being Aligned with Your Authentic Spirit:

Aligned with Authentic Spirit

  • Self-Motivated
  • Inspired
  • Passionate
  • Clear and Focused on future
  • Energized
  • Calm and Peaceful
  • In the Flow
  • Attracting what you want effortlessly
  • Optimistic about future
  • Confident
  • Clear Vision and Purpose
  • Open to Possibilities
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Integrity
  • Enjoying the moment

What is Inner North ?

Inner North can also be defined as Inner Success. People can look completely successful outside, but feel depressed, unsatisfied, incongruent and even like a failure inside. People can manifest lots of external “things”, such as career success, lots of education, big houses and fancy cars, but still not feel satisfied, fulfilled, or happy inside. I have had many highly successful clients, such as attorneys, doctors, executives, professors who externally looked great, but inside were suffering from high levels of insecurity, anxiety, fear,  low self esteem or chronic stress.  Just because you know how to manifest external abundance doesn’t mean you have manifested internal happiness!  In fact, many times when people expect their happiness and fulfillment to come from external things they find disappointment and incongruence with their Authentic Spirit.

Fulfillment is elusive.  We constantly seek it in others outside ourselves,or in things we madly purchase at the local mall.  We seek it in our goals of the future—I want to be…doctor, lawyer, skinnier, prettier, smarter, a mother, a good wife, more spiritual.  We tend to think we will be more fulfilled later.  In fact, the pursuit of fulfillment has created the wonderful world we now live in.  The catalyst for all we have.  But still, we are unfulfilled—in love, in work, even in our spiritual pursuits.  Few people are able to fully embrace all of life and truly enjoy what they have created.

Finding Inner North is defining and creating for yourself what will bring you the most satisfaction and contentment in your life. This in turn ripples out and helps raise the level of happiness for everyone else.  Here are some examples of it’s variety of meaning:

    •  For some it means conquering that constant self talk that says, “You aren’t good enough.” or “Wait till people find out who the real “you” is!”.
    • For other it is learning to be “joy” driven instead of “guilt” driven.
    • For some it may be overcoming fears or anxieties that create stress to help them live more fully and stress free.
    • It may be  creating a more healthy lifestyle—quitting smoking, getting a more consistent exercise program, finding the perfect body weight, or even lowering blood pressure by learning relaxation techniques.
    • Inner Success may mean identifying the perfect job, career, mate, geographic location or different lifestyle that makes you feel more aligned with your core and then creating a strategy for achieving that.
    • What is it for YOU?

Finding Your Authentic VoiceAlthough finding  your Inner North is unique for each person and only defined by them, for everyone who achieves their Inner North it means living in congruence with your core—following your heart and soul to achieve more joy and contentment from life.  Feeling confident knowing you can be authentic and make conscious choices that are true to your Spirit.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin because your internal and external worlds are integrated and feeling fully aligned. The is truly living an Inspired Life.

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