EFT Tapping: 5 Reasons People Don’t Try It!

EFT tapping: 5 Reasons People Don't Use It!Last week I wrote about the 5 reasons people should try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping.  This is a simple self-help technique that can be easily learned and used by anyone.  However, the majority of people who learn about this technique will never try it, let alone use it regularly.

Why not use EFT tapping?


1.  It seems too weird!

Probably the biggest reason people don’t use EFT is because it seems a bit weird to them. They don’t see the connection between tapping on certain points and feeling better.  Maybe the eastern philosophies of energy meridians is just to foreign for some people to embrace, or even if they are willing to believe in the concept, they have a hard time making the connection when they actually do it.  Our minds will automatically reject things that fall outside our belief system.

2.  It feels too silly!

Somewhat like the above answer, but a little different, is the feeling that this EFT tapping on your face is silly.  Going to an acupuncturist is one thing—lying on a table and having someone insert tiny needles into our skin.  It feel sa little more “clinical” and therefore more acceptable.  But sitting in the living room tapping on our face seems silly and pretty foreign to our thinking about healing.

Another aspect of this is the fact that although we can use it on many things, it seems impractical to do in public—even more self-conscious.  That is why I created the video on “Secret tapping places you can use in public.” These are good practical ways to use tapping while at work or driving, or anywhere that others are present without having to explain what you are doing.

3.  It’s hard to remember!

Believe it or not this is a common problem.  Even I, who have been using this technique clinically for all these years, sometimes forget to use it on myself! Without a practitioner, it is not a natural reaction to start tapping when something happens.  It takes a while to create a habit of using this wonderful tool.

4.  Don’t Know What to Say!

When EFT is new for people, they think the words they say have to be perfect in order for EFT to work.  I n reality, the words are there to connect them to the feelings, so the feelings can be unblocked or cleared. As long as they are concentrating on the feelings they have, they can express them in any way. I often recommend using a conversational tone, like you are talking to a friend, or sometimes even “ranting” to yourself!

5.  They expect a one-hit wonder!

Some people give up on EFT tapping too soon because they expect a magical instant result.  They think EFT is a magic bullet, and it should instantly clear out feelings and old patterns.  Although it has done this for people, the truth is that more likely it will be a process and may require consistent effort or even work with a practitioner.

 It’s Worth the Effort

EFT tapping is a wonderful self-help tool that can be used in many situations to help improve people’s performance, attitude, and even physical symptoms. It it worth the time it takes to fully investigate this tool and to spend time with an experienced practitioner to really learn how to use it.  Then it is a matter of being patient and creating new habits that will give you a life long practical and efficient tool for self-help.  When all else fails, you can “tap” on your reasons for resistance to use what is right there in front of you.

Check out my video!

I have just added a short video of the EFT tapping points to my website so you can easily try it out now!

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2 thoughts on “EFT Tapping: 5 Reasons People Don’t Try It!

  1. I tried it and it did not work. So- Please remember to tell people what my chiropractor told me, that it works for 80% but NOT everyone. And there are additional levels.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you for your comment Susan! You bring up an important point because many times the media can make it seem like something is a “magic bullet” that alway works on everything all the time. To my knowledge there is no such thing no matter what you are talking about. EFT is worth trying on something because it has no risk factors or side effects. It’s simple and easy to use. While most of the time you will see at least improvement, it certainly doesn’t work all the time in every situation! There are many factors involved. One of them, as you suggested, is based on the level you are working at and sometimes the skill of the practitioner to help you identify the issues and offer guidance. I can also be used in conjunction with other modalities such as regular talk therapy, pain management, or other alternative and traditional methods to enhance progress. So hopefully you won’t throw the entire idea out!

      Rather than thinking it doesn’t work on “you”, it’s possible it didn’t work on what you tried it on, or the particular method in which it was used. There is much to gain and little to loose in giving it a go when something arises. 80% is a pretty impressive average!

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