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This is a group that meets monthly for those interested in learning more about using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a self-help tool in their daily lives. Whether you are new to the idea or have been ‘tapping’ for a while, this is a great place to get guidance, support, and help in using EFT to increase your potential and make your life calmer, happier, and more satisfying.


One Wednesday per Month Ongoing 

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Removing what is STILL in your way! 


EFT tapping
Tap into your full potential!!

Develop Healthier Habits          

Be Less Stressed

Feel More Confident            

Grow Your Business

Increase Your Income          

Have More Passion for Life

Find Inner Peace


 What’s the Biggest thing in your way?

What WOULD your life be like if it Went away?


tapping improves self acceptanceIt’s important to know that anything you want to do to improve your life starts with self-acceptance. Whether it’s to lose weight, reduce pain, grow a successful business, or get rid of the stress in your life—it all begins there. That is the biggest thing in your way! People have the mistaken belief that if they accept themselves fully right now, they will not be motivated to change. This is a complete and total lie created by the Ego. In fact, the complete opposite is actually the truth! We must accept ourselves, our circumstances, and stop resisting NOW in order to change what happens next in our lives.

What is striking about EFT is the sustainability of the results.

Although EFT tapping, like any healing modality, does not always produce “instant” results, my experience in using it with clients over the last 15 years has been nothing but positive. And, I have seen a large number of “instant” results along with many, many personal success stories from people using it over a period of time. Here are a couple of my own client experiences:

Client Success Stories

Client with fear of leaving house:

tappingAbout 10 years ago, a client we will call Claire came to me as a referral from her sister who was my client also. She suffered from agoraphobia, which caused her to get very anxious when she left her house. She had a fear of not only unfamiliar environments, but even going to her sister’s house.

We worked together for three sessions over a couple months doing EFT along with some coaching, and she was able to manage her anxiety and reduce her panic attacks until she actually became able to go places without fear. I recently re-connected with her sister to do some coaching again, and I asked how Claire was doing now. She said she is  able to go places and remain calm. If she does feel any anxiety begin to rise up, she taps it away and is able to manage it.


Client with anxiety whenever she smelled cigar smoke: 

I had another client several years ago named Marie who always had a panic attack whenever she would even walk by someone on the street smoking a cigar. She knew it was related to her traumatic experiences as a child where she was the victim of child abuse and her perpetrator was a cigar smoker. Although she had been through therapy and had healed much of her trauma, the cigar smoke association continued to stick.

Emotional FreedomAfter several sessions of EFT, she was feeling confident that she had eliminated this problem. She happened to take her car in for some repair work and the person who worked on it happened to be smoking a cigar. She was amazed how she had no reaction—no shortness of breath, no feelings of panic that she had previously experienced. Marie has also recently re-hired me to do some business coaching, and I asked her about the cigar smoke. She said, nope not an issue anymore at all.

In our Tapping Circle:

tapping circleIn our circles I have watched people be stunned by the fact that their back pain, or neck pain, or headache just leaves! Many times it seems to defy our current belief system as to what is possible. Sometimes, these pains stay gone and don’t come back. Sometimes obviously they may come back and require more work. Either way, it is such a simple, non-invasive way to deal with our physical issues.

I have had people get rid of self-doubt and insecurities and negative self talk that has bothered them a long time. Some of these things require more than one session—some don’t. But my experience is that at the very least, everyone leaves the circle feeling calmer, more peaceful and renewed.

What is tapping exactly?

“Tapping” (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple self-help tool you can learn to energetically remove blocks to your own healing. The reason EFT is such a powerful healing tool is because self-forgiveness and acceptance is at its core. Come join our EFT Tapping Circle to improve your own level of self-acceptance.

How does the EFT Tapping Circle Work?

We begin by having everyone focus on his or her own particular issue—whether it be a bothersome memory, a physical pain or symptom, a negative emotion or belief or challenging situation you are struggling with.

Everyone rates the intensity of his or her emotion from 0-10. One person volunteers to work with the facilitator. As that person taps on their issue, everyone else follows along, tapping together, copying the volunteer exactly.

At the end, people rate their own issue again. What is interesting is, for most people their intensity is reduced—some dramatically.

This is also known in the tapping world as ‘Borrowing Benefits’! While you are tapping along with someone else on their issues, you are also able to clear your own issues at the same time, even when they are not related!

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