Online Course FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many courses are there in the series?

There will eventually be a total of 10 courses in this series called “Aligning With Your Authentic Spirit”, each course is designed with 4 lessons each. Each lesson contains three segments that can be done separately. For instance, you might do one segment on Monday, one Wednesday, and one on Saturday. Each segment should take about a half hour. This way it can be done in short spaces of time and at your convenience. More classes will be added over time depending on interest of the students.

How long should I spend on each of the lessons?

Because this is a self-study course you decide the pace. Some lessons may take longer than others. It is totally dependent on your schedule. I suggest pacing each lesson out over a week to give yourself time to integrate and practice the material.

Can I redo a lesson or refer back to it?

Yes. You cannot move forward to the next lesson until you have completed the one before, but once you have completed a lesson, you can go back as often as you like, as long as you are still active as a student. Once you have finished all the course material completely, you will no longer be active or have access to the course.

What platforms will this work on?

This course can be done on mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets as well as a laptops and computers.

How do I do the meditations and visualizations?

Never do these while driving.  Make sure you are in a quiet space to relax. Using headphones is the optimal way to get full benefit from them.

What is included in the courses?

Each course contains written and audio lessons, written exercises, guided meditations, and reflective questions. In addition, while an active student you have access to the “Safe Space” meditation and journaling area, which can be used to write down thoughts and insights, and then sent to your own email inbox for keeping a permanent record.

Will Wendy or anyone else have access to my answers?

No. All responses to exercises are sent only to your email box. Once you hit send, the form resets to zero, so no record is kept.  The only places Wendy can receive a copy of your response is in the pre and post evaluation form. Also, in the Journaling Safe Space you are given the option of sending a CC to Wendy.