The Bluebirds’ Song

Out of a personal experience of transformation through music emerged the following short story which has become my symbol for finding Authenticity. My wish is for this story to inspire you to wake up from your own experience of Pigeon Paradise and fly freely towards your own unique Bluebirds’ Song, reflecting your Authentic Spirit out into the world.

The Bluebirds’ Song: Harmonizing With Your Authentic Spirit

This is the story of a land not far from here known as Pigeon Paradise. Located in a massively large gilded cage with green plants and vines intertwined among the bars, Pigeon Paradise is quite an elegant sight to behold.

Pigeon Paradise
Never Look Up!

Within the bars of this beautiful cage live many groups of pigeons, but only two particular families are of interest to our story today. They are the Gray family and the Beige family.

These two families have been friends for many years. They work together at the same jobs and they have nests very close to one another. Each has two lovely children and live a very safe and secure life. Although there are many different types of pigeons, every bird in Pigeon Paradise holds firmly to the same core beliefs:



Work hard.

Stay safe.

Be like everyone else.

And most importantly …

Never look up!

You can well imagine then the disruption that happened around Pigeon Paradise when Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Beige started to have recurring visions of the world outside this one they knew so well; a magical world where they could all fly freely. They had heard many stories and long-lost legends that told of the existence of this other world, but unfortunately, only Bluebirds could go there.

The one thing that all pigeons knew for sure was that a pigeon is not and never will be a Bluebird!

The Mrs. Birds
Mrs. Beige & Mrs. Gray

Even so, Mrs. Beige & Mrs. Gray sometimes thought they heard faint sounds of a Bluebird’s Song coming from a great distance away. This other world was something all Pigeons wondered about now and then, but most of them distracted themselves by always working hard, being like everyone else, and staying safe. Besides, didn’t they have everything they could possibly ever want right here in Pigeon Paradise?

Every so often, the two Mrs. birds got so curious they would fly out of their cage just a little ways to test their wings. No one in Pigeon Paradise liked this very much.

“Don’t ever do such an irresponsible thing again!”

“Who knows what dangers lurk out there!”

“You might have been hurt going so far away from all of us who can protect you!”

“There is no need to question what’s out there.”

And most importantly, “Never look up!”

One day when Mrs. Beige & Gray were sitting very quietly alone, something happened which neither of them could ignore. They both heard the Sound clearer than ever before. It was the unmistakable sound of singing. But it contained within it a joy they had never before imagined. The Song reminded them of something long forgotten from their memories. The sound of pure freedom stirred something deep inside they knew they had to follow.

Their husbands were terrified by this new and unexplainable longing they saw in their wives. They tried very hard to convince them not to go. But all the guilt in the world could not dampen their spirits for this one great experience. Besides, it was just a quick trip out and back, they were sure there was no danger in that.

So, Mrs. Beige and Mrs. Gray set out on their great adventure –a leap of faith into the great unknown–with only the support of each other and a distant melody to pull them forward. This time, when they got a few feet beyond the cage, they noticed an open window and knew instinctively this was what they were seeking and WHOOSH–they were gone.

Daylight Inner North
Mrs. Beige and Mrs. Gray set out on their great adventure –a leap of faith into the great unknown.

Once they got outside they could not believe the view! They saw a vast blue sky that went on seemingly forever. They saw blankets of green rolling hills, snow-capped mountains dotted with crisp evergreens, crystal clear lakes and winding rivers that emptied into sparkling oceans–an entirely new perspective on life! They found themselves flying with many kinds of beautiful birds, all with one common purpose:

To soar high on expansive wings living fully present in the joy of each moment!

Bluebird nests
Creatively spun nests.

Mrs. Beige & Gray were soaring higher than ever before with wings they never knew they had—extending their bodies and expanding their minds to their fullest potential. They soared high and then swooped low over the trees to feast in the intricacy of beautiful nests woven in rich and vibrant colors, creatively spun with unusual fabrics and threads.

In this beautiful land of the Bluebirds’ Song, rather than working hard, the birds were playing, laughing, singing and helping each other create just for the pure joy of creating. For the first time, Mrs. Beige and Gray sensed a deep trust in the natural order of all things. The once distant melody soon became a World of Music. They were surrounded by the vibrant sounds of a thousand voices exulting in the magic of the Now moment. Suddenly, as their voices harmonized with the beautiful song of the Bluebirds, a miraculous thing occurred:

They had become beautiful Bluebirds themselves!  How could it be that they were now Bluebirds instead of pigeons?

The only difference between Pigeons and Bluebirds was in their own mind.

All at once their long-forgotten memory became clear to them again:

The only difference between a pigeon and a Bluebird is in their own mind.

All pigeons are really Bluebirds just wearing pigeon masks.

All they really need to transform is the courage to enter the Song.

Once they find this courage their masks are no longer needed.

The trip into this other world was like nothing they had ever dreamed possible. No one could have explained to them this sense of peace and joy, this oneness with nature and the universe! They never wanted to leave but knew it was almost time to return to Pigeon Paradise. That world had been their safety and security for as long as they could remember.

It was almost time to leave the land of the Bluebirds’ Song and return to Pigeon Paradise

So, with all the willpower they could muster, back they went through the open window and into their gilded cage. They were very happy to see the Mr. birds and their lovely children. They put on their pigeon masks and tried to act the same as before, all the while searching their minds for a way to tell everyone in Pigeon Paradise the wonderful secret they had learned.

Disturbed Pigeons
What happened to the old you?

The pigeons were all a little apprehensive to ask what had happened out there. It scared them to think there might be more to life than their own secure cage. Although Mrs. Beige & Gray were trying hard to act as before, everyone could see they were not the same.

Their masks were thin and elusive and there was a strange glow around them that disturbed the other pigeons:

“You’ve changed.”

“You are acting strangely. We don’t like it.”

“What happened to the old you?”

“We like you better the way you were before.”

They found it nearly impossible to describe what they’d seen to anyone else, but they tried desperately to get their families and friends to come and see for themselves what was out there. A few birds actually did become excited about the possibility, but most were either confused or threatened by the prospect.

Pigeon Masks
Pigeon Masks

Mr. Beige and Gray were really scared now and tried very hard to hold on to their caged lives. Their Pigeon Fears actually made Mrs. Beige and Gray question whether what they had seen really happened, or if it had all been a dream. Luckily they had each other to remind them when they would forget the magical world of the Bluebirds’ Song.

When Pigeon Fears started to cloud their memory they only had to get in touch with that place of Love in their hearts and remember the powerful feelings of peace and aliveness to regain their courage. They even noticed, because of their influence, that their young fledglings were starting to hum a faint yet familiar tune.

There came a day when no matter how much the Mrs. birds loved the Mr. birds and many of their old friends, they could no longer live caged within these Pigeon Fears. It seemed the more they tried to convince others that they too were Bluebirds inside and only needed to find the courage to fly into this new and expansive world, the greater and greater man of the other’s Pigeon Fears became. Mrs. Beige & Gray also started noticing their pigeon masks were getting fainter and fainter and soon would disappear.  They felt themselves needing to soar and sing with the other Bluebirds again, and they soon realized they could never return to the pigeons they were before. They had to choose between the safety and security of Pigeon Paradise and the expansive freedom of the Bluebirds’ Song. When they noticed their small chicks’ inspired attempts to test their wings, they knew there really was no choice.


So with love in their hearts and tears in their eyes Mrs. Beige and Mrs. Gray, along with their children and a few others who had begun to hear the Song, courageously let go of their Pigeon Pasts and flew freely towards the Bluebirds’ Song.

As their masks fell away, right in the midst of Pigeon Paradise, a magical thing began to happen:


For the first time, all the birds suddenly began to look up!

They began to look up!
They began to look up!

Suddenly the pigeons saw something they had never seen before:  A new and unusual breed of bright blue birds. These lovely creatures seemed to arrive from nowhere, bringing with them the seeds of change. As the Bluebirds flapped their wings over the stunned pigeons, the pigeons began to feel a warm breeze and to hear the lilting melody of the beautiful Bluebirds’ Song.

Slowly, the pigeons began to hear and remember for themselves their unique call of freedom. One by one all the pigeons of Pigeon Paradise, including Mr. Beige, and Mr. Gray, were inspired to join in and sing their own unique Song.

As they lifted their voices as One, they suddenly noticed the open window that had been there all along. One by one, they stood on the threshold, spread their wings and soared confidently towards the Bluebirds’ Song, remembering their own destiny:

Beautiful Bluebirds

Born to Fly Free

Express to the world all you truly can be!

A special thank you to my friend and artist Sara Parker for her beautiful illustrations for this soon to be inspirational gift book! To see more of her beautiful paintings visit:  Sara Parker Studio