Your Authentic Spirit: Top 10 Symptoms of Disconnect

Symptoms of Disconnect from Authentic Spirit
Are you feeling disconnected?

Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book, Something More once said, “The authentic self is the soul made visible.”  How can you tell if you are truly aligned with your Authentic Self, or as I call it, your Authentic Spirit?


Do You Feel Disconnected?


People can look completely successful outside, but feel depressed, unsatisfied, incongruent and even like a failure inside. People can manifest lots of external “things”, such as career success, lots of education, big houses and fancy cars, but still not feel satisfied, fulfilled, or happy inside. I have had many highly successful clients, such as attorneys, doctors, executives, professors who looked great externally. Many of these people however were suffering from high levels of insecurity, anxiety, fear,  low self esteem or chronic stress on the inside.


Just because you know how to manifest external abundance doesn’t mean you have manifested internal happiness!  In fact, many times when people expect their happiness and fulfillment to come from external things they find disappointment and incongruence with their Authentic Spirit. Below is a list of the top 10 symptoms of  disconnect from your true Self.


10 Symptoms of Being Out of Alignment with Your Spirit:


  • Fatigue or lack of Passion
  • Pessimistic or Negative Self Talk
  • Confused or Stuck about what to do
  • Stressed and Depleted, Overwhelmed
  • Lack of Motivation or Meaning
  • Depends on others for approval
  • Unhealthy lifestyle–overweight, smoke, drink too much, lack of exercise
  • Lack of integrity – feeling like a fake
  • Waiting for happiness to come sometime later
  • Obsessed with the Past or the Future


What does it mean to be Aligned with your Authentic Spirit?


Being aligned with your Authentic Spirit means living in congruence with your core. It means following your heart and soul to achieve more joy and contentment from life.  Feeling confident knowing you can be authentic and make conscious choices that are true to your Spirit.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin because your internal and external worlds are integrated and feeling fully aligned. This is truly living an Inspired Life.


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  1. Oh yes! I scored a ten! That’s usually good right? Oops, not this time. I have been online since 5 am (after tossing in bed since 4), searching for help with, as you term it, coming back into alignment with my authentic spirit. At 63, I have a wonderful job I (usually) love, a supportive family, lots of friends, plenty of money but I feel like I’m wearing ill-fitted clothes and worried that soon they won’t fit at all. Getting unstuck is the goal, moving my feet is key. Thanks for your blog and the nudge.

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