With The Practice of Authentic Success system, Wendy Mackowski, M.A., CPCC, CHt  helps coach her clients to connect more fully to their inner source of power and creativity which enables them to move forward with more sustained clarity, focus and ease. This in turn allows them to have a greater impact in their personal and professional lives.

Below are testimonials from clients Wendy has helped through personal coaching. If you are ready to have a greater impact in your personal and professional life, contact Wendy today.

“Personal and business changes in my life left me feeling like a confused mouse in a maze. I sought the assistance of Inner North Coaching to help me through my period of transition. My coach Wendy Mackowski, has provided me with an open arena for self reflection, self awareness and a creativity I never knew existed. I now consider Wendy to be my personal trainer of my psyche.”

— Shriley J.

“I really did get quite a bit from our sessions. I enjoyed speaking with you and learning from you. You were accurate in your reading of me and you quickly understood me. I learned to accept myself and where I am in my life right now. Seeing myself in a positive light and rejoicing in all I have accomplished so far. I also enjoyed learning about manifesting. I’ll miss our time together.”

— B.L., Business Owner

“Coaching was what I needed to push myself to do what I needed to do in order to reach my goals. Even though it was a short time, it was a huge benefit. I was able to visualize where I want to be, look at what I have done well and then move forward. Keeping track of what my goals are and keeping the daily list of what I did so I could keep track of the successes was especially helpful.”

— Petra H., Primerica Financial Services

“Coaching works because Wendy reminds me of my values. This allowed me to understand unstated conflicts that were holding me back. I was then able to make powerful choices and take positive actions.”

— Deanne Bryce, LeaderStrength Systems

“Psychotherapy helps find the reasons behind our behaviors, while coaching helps provide the momentum and direction to move towards new behaviors and goals. Thank you,  Wendy, for all your help.”

— Sandy K., Therapist

“I started coaching with Wendy because I was not getting the results in my business that I wanted, there was something missing. What coaching did for me was to clarify the result I wanted, how to get there, and in what time frame. It helped me get rid of the little voice in my head (Wendy calls it a gremlin) that was filling me with doubts. Once I recognized the fear, put a name to it, I then focused my attention on the actions that were necessary to get my intended result. Amazing things happened. By jumping out of the box, my business exploded.”

— Fiona, Wealth Connection

“Being coached by Wendy has helped me to make significant, positive changes in my life. I allowed myself to take the time I needed to consider my options and explore new career ideas. I identified gremlins that get in my way — now that I recognize them, they have much less impact! It is enormously powerful to spend some time each week looking at what I intended to do, what I did do, and how my choices tie in with my overall goals. Wendy’s powerful questions and valuable observations have helped me to set my priorities and keep on track.”

— Debbie, Entrepreneur, Wilmington, Delaware

“After 30 years in the corporate world, coaching weekly with Wendy has helped me realize what my passion is in life. Taking this new found knowledge will help me grow as a person, greatly reduce my stress level, and enable me to manage family, home, and work better.”

—Sandy, Humanetrix, Wilmington, Delaware

“Wendy has been an excellent coach. Not only has she helped me to focus on my professional goals, but also she has led me to formulate my vision and purpose in life.”

Jackie, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Newark, Delaware

“My coaching time is something I have come to treasure and recognize as gift to myself. Wendy creates a non-judgmental, safe place for me to express what is true for me. Somehow she knows just the right powerful question to ask me so that I make important discoveries or gain clarity. She challenges my thinking, helps me look at old problems new ways, and keeps me accountable for the things I say I want for my life. This relationship gives me courage and permission to take risks to live a fulfilling life. Magic is created through our collaborative alliance.”

— Tracy, small business owner, Boston, Massachusetts

“Hi my name is Tena and I have had the privilege of being coached by Wendy. Coaching has been a wonderful experience for me. Wendy has helped me focus on my goals and identify the “gremlins” that kept me from obtaining my goals. Now I am working in the career of my dreams and I owe it to my coach, Wendy for helping me realize this!”

— Tena, M.A., Guidance Counselor, San Jose,

“Everyone has the chance to be a success. Some of us have the ability to reach our goals (and our dreams) by calling upon a mentor or support system. Coaching gives another dimension to that support system. Working with Wendy has helped me focus more on my goals, strengths, and shortcomings so that I can effectively plan to achieve the next level of success. Coaching has provided me with the accountability I need to do what I know I need to do to achieve both personal and financial success. I recommend it to anyone who feels they need to “jump start” their career or their lives.”

— Donnie, New York Life, Wilmington, Delaware