Creating Intentions & Expecting Miracles in 2018

3 Wednesdays, January 10, 24, & 31 2018

5:30 – 6:45  PM

Cost: $60 for series or $25 per class (RSVP required)

As a take away receive a free digital copy of Wendy’s Manifesting Your Inspired Life Vision guided meditation download and ebook if you complete all three classes.

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New Year is a time for new beginnings, a clean slate, a chance to start again. Come join us for a 3 week program where you will go through the process of reviewing the past year for insights and wisdom, forgiving and releasing old disappointments and starting fresh to create new intentions and learn how to expect Miracles.

We all have set many goals and intentions over the years. Some have resulted in great success and others have left us feeling disappointed and discouraged in the process. In the 16+years that  I have worked with clients on goals and intentions, I have seen miracles happen, and I have also seen clients get so discouraged with the process that they turn it back on themselves and mistakenly blame themselves for not ‘believing’ enough.

These principles of intention can be contradictory, confusing, and easliy misconstrued. Our ego is happy to use the information against us. 

In the first session,  we will talk about these things and do an exercise in reviewing the past year and identifying wins, disappointments, and lessons. Then we will clear and release these using the ‘tapping‘ technique and powerful statements.

In the second session, I will help you lock in your vision for 2018 and then lead through a powerful guided visioning exercise which has a protocol for raising your vibration and bringing in the feelings of Self-Acceptance,  Divine Timing, and Unconditional Love.

In the third session on Expecting Miracles, we will discuss how to balance the concepts of intentional creation and envisioning the future with the principles of asking and trusting Spirit for guidance and staying fully present in the Now Moment–the only place where you can truly create from.


meditation and ebook
Receive a free copy of meditation and ebook if you complete all 3 classes.

What you will learn:

  • You will also learn how to use the power of EFT tapping (Watch Demo) to help you eliminate blocks and limited beliefs that have held you back.
  • You will learn self-acceptance and how to be more present to yourself and others.
  • You will learn how to enjoy and practice gratitude in the moment while still creating a future vision.
  • You will gain strategies for better accepting disappointments and derailments.
  • You will experience a powerful manifesting guided visualization, and be inspired to create more of what you love in your life.
  • You will have an opportunity to connect with others that will encourage and support you in your process.
  • You will connect to your authentic self and learn to listen and honor your spirit’s guidance.
  • You will learn how to create better affirmations that feel more real and aligned with who you really are.

What people say:

“I enjoyed working with you Wendy.  You’ve really done a lot of work on this (work) and as proof you’re moving to CA.  Great stuff and very encouraging.  You’re living proof and a great teacher to learn these techniques from.  I enjoyed the vision board exercise.  It’s a great tool and was a lot of fun sharing it with the group.” B.L.

“I feel fortunate to have our life’s journey bring us together this year. I’ve started an adventure into myself, but now I’m definitely not alone.  Everything happens for a reason, and I am glad I have met all of you.  In the great scheme of things I know I will look back and see this encounter as an important step in my life.”  K.A.

“What I liked best was how each person dug deeper and gained greater definition.  I can now start to integrate these things I’ve learned into my life.”  A. A.

“Helped me focus on my abilities, on ways to change my perception of things, and how to start dealing with my ‘inner critic’ and to use it to my own advantage.”  T. K.

“Wendy is truly a scholar of personal/professional growth development.  She brings with her a sense of trust and confidence…things happen with her guidance!”  C. M.



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I’m ready!

Are you ready to say YES?

  1. Do I believe it’s POSSIBLE to have what I want?
  2. Am I READY to give up some of my old limiting patterns and beliefs?
  3. Am I OPEN to stepping out of the box of my own thinking and venture into new perspectives?
  4. Will I COMMIT to developing a new daily practice for myself that will change my thinking and change my results?
  5. Am I WILLING to take responsibility for my life and my experiences?

 Yes!  I am interested in Creating Intentions and Expecting Miracles! The tuition covers all three sessions, a free copy of the ebook and meditation download, “Manifesting Your Inspired Life Vision”, plus all handouts.

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 Wendy Mackowski, M.A. CPCC is a certified Life and Business Coach who helps her clients to connect more fully to their inner source of power and creativity which enables them to move forward in their personal and professional lives with more sustained clarity, focus and ease. Using tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)meditation and visioning she creates a Safe Space for her clients to create a more authentic and inspired life by connecting to their heart-centered awareness, overcoming ego fears, and expressing more fully their Authentic Spirit. Wendy works with people from coast to coast in co-creating with them the life they’d love to live.


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